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Anita Archer Fine Art is a leading art consultancy providing private collectors with independent advice and assistance for all their fine art needs.


Whether you are seeking to buy, or sell, one artwork or many, our extensive expertise and knowledge of Australian and international artists and their markets will enable you to make informed and confident choices.



Anita Archer, PhD, is a founding member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia (ACAA). Having trained at Sotheby’s in London, Anita has worked as an international auctioneer across Australia and Asia. She launched her independent art consultancy in 2002 and has since assisted many clients to buy and sell art, and to develop and manage their collections. Anita has a broad art historical knowledge, and her specialist fields include all periods of Australian art, contemporary Australian indigenous art and contemporary Southeast Asian art. 


Anita became a registered valuer with the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia (AVAA) in 2002 and is qualified to advise clients on all their fine art valuation requirements.

Anita’s experience as an auctioneer gives her excellent insight into the operations of global art markets, supported by an extensive network of contacts in the gallery, museum and auction house sectors. She is a recognised international specialist in art market studies, with a doctorate in Global Art Markets and multiple academic publications.




Buying & 


We provide clients with expert advice and independent guidance to support decision making for the purchase and sale of artworks, including the provision of art market reports. We work extensively with commercial galleries, auction houses and private dealers, curators and collectors across Australia and around the world in order to provide our clients with access to the broadest range of artists and artworks to meet their collecting needs. As a founding member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia, our consultancy is conducted to the highest level of professional standards. 



Collection Management

We offer our clients confidential and comprehensive collection management, including:


+ Installation

+ Framing

+ Shipping and logistics

+ Cataloguing

+ Archiving

+ Storage

+ Exhibition loan requests

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Anita Archer Fine Art is an authorised valuer with the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia. We can conduct appraisals and supply written valuations for multiple purposes including, but not limited to, insurance, market value, asset registry and superannuation fund audits.

Anita Archer Fine Art

PO Box 8838

Armadale VIC 3143


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